Hill and Holler

This event is free and open to the public and will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be advised that this show is intended for adults only.

For the first time, LLF will be featuring an evening of stage productions that we are sure will delight attendees. Held on the Hill and Holler stage, these acts will begin at 9:30 on Friday, Aug 5. Local playwright Eric Fritzius will present his play Playing Cards by Twilight's Shine, featuring himself, Chally Erb, and Larry Davis. This will be followed by a set of improv comedy by Wilmington, NC's LosCaballeros.

"Playing Cards by Twilight's Shine"


Set in fictional Eldridge, West Virginia, a town so poor it uses a defunct savings & loan building as its sheriff’s department, and where public defender is a part time job.  Newcomer Howard Rainey has that job.  When he's called to defend Eldridge’s most legendary moonshiner, he finds the old man has a couple of unlikely allies: the town’s doctor, as well as the very sheriff who made the arrest.  And they're serious that Old Man Hartsook must be set free.  

This play was produced by the Greenbrier Valley Theatre (2016), and for the Opera House Playfest in Marlinton (2016).

"LosCaballeros present: The Donnybrook."

Beginning with a simple suggestion from the audience, LosCaballeros will create and explore a completely improvised world to uncover the common threads that unify all of human existence. And then they will burn that world to the ground...figuratively.  In true Donnybrook fashion, one may expect absurdity, insanity, profanity, mature themes, immature themes, fictionalized intoxication, exaggerated accents, two turtle doves, and at least one demise.

LosCaballeros are Patrick Basquill, Caylan McKay, and Adrian Monte. Located in Wilmington, NC, they regularly appear under the Fake Brothers Productions moniker as writers, actors, and filmmakers. www.fakebropro.com 


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